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6 Oct

For those that remember, back in 2007, I ran the LA Marathon and it damn near killed me. I trained well for six months, but it was still one hell of a battle.

As I’ve been making plans to train for the Seattle RNR Marathon, I can’t help but see ads for the LA Marathon.

Stadium to Sea. This seems like a MUCH better course than the one I ran a couple years back. I’d really love to run through the more run down and industrial parts of town, but….well….ya know. (Insert thick sarcasm)

The course goes from Dodger Stadium to Santa Monica. Passing through wonderful landmarks. I’d be a fool not to do it.

I’d hesitated in the past because I wanted to take some time to “pre-train”, but in reality, I was only delaying it.

It’s time to get started. My first step, is to find/create a plan for myself.

A training schedule. An eating schedule. A social schedule. I MUST make this work for me. Destiny calls.

I’m a marathoner. It’s in my blood and in my lungs. #3 awaits.


hi. long time eh?

7 Sep

It’s been quite a while since my last post. I’ve sadly let this blog sit in the backyard for quite a while. Well, it’s time to clean up the yard a bit, and get this thing back on track.

This year has been a major disappointment to me as far as my workouts and running has gone. I had every intention to begin training for the Chicago Marathon (October), but in April, I had an appendectomy and I’ve sadly used this as an excuse.

I’ll give myself a little bit of credit, because the surgery was quite major since I had a traditional procedure in addition to the newer laprascopic (sp?) surgery.

I had to cancel all my fitness plans for a couple months. In theory, I should’ve been ok to start heavy, hardcore workouts by July. Here we are in September.

No more excuses! Between now and the end of the year, I will workout as hard as possible, eat a healthy diet, and get some rest. Once January hits, I will begin training (and I will be much healthier and in shape) for the Seattle Rock N’ Roll Marathon.

Time to get back on track! I promise to blog more. Sorry for abandoning you.

Fall 2009….

30 Dec

Chicago Marathon