Shrimp Tamales with Green Sauce and Goat Cheese Part 2

25 Dec

Tamale time! After preparing most of the ingredients yesterday, today was the big day! Roll the tamales, steam them, and most importantly–eat the tamales! Just to clarify…this is a two day process, but SO worth it. Also, it’s worth noting that I completed this project all by myself. Tamales take time and attention. If you ever embark on a project like this…make sure you have help.

In any case,  I took the shrimp that I had cleaned yesterday, and marinated them with some seasoning (cumin powder, garlic powder, chili powder, salt and lemon juice). Then, I took the green chili sauce prepared yesterday, and mixed it into the masa (bought from a hispanic grocery store).

While that was marinating, I went ahead and soaked the cornhusks in warm water so that they would be ready for rolling. 

I was a bit concerned while rolling the tamales because the consistency seemed a bit soft and sticky, but once I steamed everything, it all turned out perfectly. The goat cheese added a very nice bright flavor to the shrimp  and the masa (infused with green chilis, garlic, onions and tomatillos). Definitely a treat for the Christmas holiday.

It’s time for food porn. Enjoy!

Soaking the corn husks.

To weigh them down, I used the tamale steamer and filled it with water as it sat on the husks.


2 Responses to “Shrimp Tamales with Green Sauce and Goat Cheese Part 2”

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