Brentwood 5k/10k

18 May

Next week, I will run in the Brentwood 5k in you guessed it…Brentwood. I will report back my timing. I suppose I should set a goal. My last 5k was 42 minutes, which was a PR.

I’m slow…I know it…but let’s see if working out has helped. If I can’t beat this time, then I will have to tweak my program a bit.


One Response to “Brentwood 5k/10k”

  1. Jhoselyn May 27, 2009 at 2:44 pm #

    Hi Dave! What state are you in? I’m 27 and live in Southern California and just started running about a month or two ago. I just ran my first 5K race at the LA Marathon a couple of days ago and I finished at 35 minutes and 17 seconds. I’m planning on running my second 5K race in Brentwood (West LA) in June 7. There’s also other 5K each month that I plan on running so I can beat my times. I’m going to be training for my first Half Marathon which will be at the Long Beach Marathon in October 11, 2009. If you’re in California, maybe we can run together!

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