LA Marathon 5K

3 Mar

Today, I ran in the Los Angeles Marathon 5k. There a few things to note:

  • This race brought back memories from the LA Marathon last year because it follows along a portion of the course.
  • I ran with my friend Krystle, who I am convinced is the coolest person to run with.
  • I PR’d at 42 minutes, which is great considering that my training pace in the past has been significantly slower.
  • This course is in a very “urban” area. We saw a front yard that not only had a broken down Oldsmobile, but a horse.  Who keeps a horse in their front yard? WTF!

All in all, this was a fun 5k to run. I saw lots of people who were in the Acura Bike Tour. This 25 mile bike ride through Los Angeles always takes part on the day of the LA Marathon. I think I’d like to take part in this next year.

ALSO….I have decided to change the location of my next marathon. I had originally planned on running in the London Marathon in April 2009, but I think I want to run the Salt Lake City Marathon. It takes place around the same time of year as the London race. There can be nothing better (and affordable) for me than to run a race in my home city…I know I can get all of you Salt Lake City readers to come out and support me. I will begin training for this race in October. I’m so excited!!

As for today, I am seriously SPENT! I’ve had a really busy week with work at the New Balance booth (at the LA Marathon Expo). My feet, legs and back are sore. I’m sure running this morning didn’t help, but crossing the finish line made it all worthwile. Now, it’s time to ice up.


2 Responses to “LA Marathon 5K”

  1. Brooke Zentner Marsh March 14, 2008 at 8:22 pm #

    Congratulations! Long time no see! Kim (Mears) Milligan runs marathons too! You guys are crazy!

  2. Jason B. November 15, 2008 at 1:01 am #

    That is great! I am considering getting in to running but haven’t found the time to make it happen. My sister run’s marathons and it has changed her life.

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