New Gear…

12 Dec

Today I went shopping…and I got some cool gear…so I thought I’d write about it…

New Balance Men’s Gazelle Pant
I LOVE these pants. They are tapered and felt fantastic when I tried them on. They are made with Lightning Dry material to wick away moisture. My favorite feature is the zippered pockets.
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New Balance Compression Shorts
There really isn’t much to say about these without the topic becoming awkward. I will stick to the basics and say that these are supportive shorts with two features I like: a drawstring (which automatically makes these better than the Nike shorts) and a internal key pocket. I don’t envision ever using the key pocket, but it’s nice to know that it’s there. I think its a great place to store extra cash instead of keeping it in my belt pouch…

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Amphipod Flasks
Over the past year, I’ve had an Amphipod Air Flow Lite belt (pictured below), and it’s been great. I’ve never had the belt wobble or feel uncomfortable while I run. I’ve also used a separate belt for my water bottle. Now, I have added two Amphipod flasks, that attach directly to the belt. These flasks are great, because they each hold 8 ounces of fluid, and they are made to be attached to Amphipod belts. It works out great for me.

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I will be using all of my new gear, and my new shoes this weekend for my 20 mile run. This is my first long run since my minor surgery…so hopefully everything will go swimmingly…Wish me luck!


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