Minor Surgery…I’m on the DL…

2 Dec

My right big toe nail was giving me some trouble (ingrown) for most of last week and on Friday night, I thought I could take care of it by myself by cutting it. Unfortunately on Saturday, during the 17 mile run, the problem got much worse.

I stopped at eight miles because I knew that something was wrong. Luckily, I listened to my body and didn’t risk serious injury by “over doing it”. I spent a good part of the day relaxing and icing various parts of my body for maintenance. Later on, I went to Kaiser Permanente’s Surgical Walk-In clinic in Panorama City last night.

After getting checked in, the nurse gave me a tub of Benadine/water solution to soak my foot. This helped ease the infection a bit, and also prepared me for the surgery. The doctor then injected my foot with two shots of Lidocaine to numb the foot.

On a side note, I’ve been afraid of needles my whole life. Each time I get a shot, I realize that “It wasn’t so bad.” Well, last night, it was! The pain was unbearable!

In any case, once numb, the doctor proceeded to take out the ingrown nail. After dressing the foot to stop the bleeding, I went home and took some pain killers.

This surgery will put me out of running for 7-10 days. I may not be able to run in next week’s eight mile recovery run. This sucks really bad! Every day, and every season, any given baseball player can get hit with the injury bug and get placed on the DL (disabled list). It happens. But then, the goal of every injured player, is to get better, and come back with a vengeance. I intend on doing that.

Make no mistake…this little injury may be painful, and the recovery may put me out a week or two, but I am going to rock the marathon HARD CORE in January and March.

It’s now time to rest and mentally prepare.

Next week…I will be back.


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