7 Mile Recovery

24 Nov

My ankle has had some time to get better. For most of the week, I walked around in the ankle brace for additional support. I kept telling myself that I would run just 3.5 miles–half of my scheduled distance. Last night, I made an executive decision to run the full seven miles. No problems at all!

The morning started off VERY cold, but luckily I wore layers to keep myself from freezing into an ice cube. Today’s run was a simple out and back–out Griffith Park, on Riverside through Burbank (right near where Disney and Warner Bros. meet) and back. Towards the end, the sun started showing its face and it started getting warm. The last couple of miles were slower, but we came in on pace.

This was also my first week running in my new orthotics (made by Swiss Balance). They are semi-rigid and are custom made. They feel great…an excellent amount of cushion and support. I think that I have to return my new shoes (Brooks Beast) because when worn with the orthotics, I have too much medial support. Stay tuned on this.

I had no severe problems running in the new orthotics. During the first mile or two, I had slight pain in my arch, but I know this is because I’m not used to wearing these inserts. Also, towards the end of the run, I could feel some discomfort in my achilles tendon. This is normal because since these orthotics position my foot in the proper spot, I am strengthening muscles that I have not used. It’s just a matter of getting used to my new running toy đŸ™‚

Next week is a nice, long 17 mile run. I can’t wait!!

Here is the map of today’s run.
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