14 Miler and I’m Hurt

18 Nov

Up until now, this whole marathon training experience has been a fairytale. I’ve been running long distances without getting too sore. My confidence has been growing. My legs are getting stronger and I’m able to run longer and faster. Until yesterday’s 14 mile run.

The run started off great. I didn’t get tired or anything. The route was to run out of Griffith Park, through Burbank, Toluca Lake and then back to the starting point.

Between mile five and six, I was starting to run faster and stronger, but then, on the street, my right foot came down on a tree cone. My ankle rolled and the pain was quite sharp. I thought that I’d be able to walk it off and then start running again, but when the time came to kick up the run, my hip started to give out. I must have pulled my hip when my body reacted to the ankle injury.

I was able to walk/run to the eight mile marker and called it a day. I’ve come to far in my training to get injured seriously. The next two weeks are seven mile runs, so I have plenty of time to recover.

I’ve been using the RICE method to combat the injuries:

R: Rest

I: Ice

C: Compression

E: Elevation

So….I was unable to complete the full 14 miles. It was quite upsetting yesterday. I’ve never been a real athlete at anything, but now I know what it’s like to actually lose at something in sports. It was MY day…I was going to conquer the 14 miler…but I didn’t. That’s ok, because I will get there…just a little longer than I had expected.

On to some other business…on Friday, I was fit for my first pair of orthotics. I will be incorporating that into my shorter runs and see how it goes. I will report back on this.

Also, I purchased a new pair of shoes from FrontRunners (shameless plug). I got the Brooks Beast…everyone has been telling me that I should get this shoe because of my flat feet and severe pronation issues. I will give an update on this when I start using these shoes on my runs.

As always, here is the map of the run…


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