7 Nov

I’ve been an advocate on insoles ever since I first sold shoes at Champs Sports (1998). Back then, I thought it was just some way of increasing our sales numbers. Now, having run two marathons and working for a real running store, I’ve learned that it’s much more than numbers.

My feet are trouble. I am a severe over-pronator (my ankles roll in and my toes point out). Most people pronate, so I’m not THAT freakish, but I digress.

Like many people, I can’t afford orthotics ($200-$500), so I purchased Sole insoles. They’ve worked great, but I want to explore other options. Today I got a pair of Superfeet Blue. I will wear them for couple of days and get used to them. Then I will run the six miler in my new insoles.

For the record, my podiatrist recommended these insoles, so it has to be worth a shot.

This weekend, I will report back on the new insoles as well as Accel Gel (see the post below this).

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One Response to “Insoles”

  1. Jeff Lin July 16, 2008 at 5:39 am #

    its looks nice and better….

    the arch support is important.

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