Day 1–Worst Workout ever

27 Aug

Today was my very first day of training. It wasn’t good.

I created a route that will serve me best during my maintenance runs. This is an “out and back” course that goes from my house, to Bally Total Fitness and then back home. Check it out…
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I chose this particular route because once I get to the gym, I can take care of some of my strength training workouts. Today was abs, chest and shoulders.

So here is how the workout started…I got home from work today around 6:00pm, and I was tired enough to take a little cat nap. I woke up at 7:30pm and got ready for my run. I was fine during my first mile (12 min–5-6 minutes faster than I was anticipating), but as I got closer to the gym, I started feeling extremely nauseous. I started asking myself some insane questions: “Why am I doing this?” “What am I thinking?” “How will I ever run another marathon if I can’t get through the first couple miles?”

Now, as I write this, I am pretty upset at how my first day of training went. Getting sick on the day that I have designated as “MY day”, is a horrible feeling. I’m sure that I will recover from this horrible workout and this horrible feeling. It will all be worthwhile…I hope.

Tomorrow is a cross-training workout. I plan on using the Elliptical Trainer. Hopefully I have a better day.



One Response to “Day 1–Worst Workout ever”

  1. Krystle August 27, 2007 at 11:15 pm #

    You’ll be fine…it just takes a little getting used to…but you did it before, you can do it again!

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