And so it begins….Finally

25 Aug

Monday, August 27, 2007 marks the beginning of my upcoming marathon training. It is only a matter of days before I start waking up at the crack of dawn, eating strange food, drinking strange liquids and icing my legs.

I’m using my own training plan (for right now). It’s a hybrid of the Active Training program and the Jeff Galloway method that I used last year.

Last week, I received a letter from the AIDS Marathon folks asking if I would like to come back to the program to train for the LA Marathon. Training begins on September 8th with these guys. I’m thinking about signing up, but I would have to alter the training program slightly so that it would accomodate the Arizona Marathon.

If I actually go through with this, I would be running two marathons in a matter of months. Arizona in January and LA in March. What is bad about this is that I want to run the San Diego Marathon as well, but I think that may have to take a backseat this year.

In any case, on Monday, I will start by running a nice, easy 30 minute training run. Each week, I will have 2-3 training runs on weekdays, 2 “regular” workouts at the gym that don’t involve running, and one long run each Saturday. The long runs will begin at 3 miles and will gradually increase. Once I get into the higher mileages, I will break up the long runs (12+miles) with shorter recovery runs (8 miles).

I’ll write more on Monday about my first training run.



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